a Dress Shopping Experience For Bridal Parties

Always The Bridesmaids is more than a bridal stop, it’s a one stop shopping experience. Because we offer multiple bridesmaid dress collections, you can compare styles in person without running around to dozens of boutiques or spending hours online.

Getting the right look for your bridal party can be complicated. Explore the looks you’ve imagined for your big day right here in Bristol. Exclusive service in a space that is charming, intimate, and fun, makes choosing your bridesmaid dresses as special as choosing your wedding gown.

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Hey there! I’m Kelly. I’m a dream weaver, problem solver, and advice giver--that go-to girl who will help you see past the chaos to the big picture. (You know...the one that will be sitting on your mantel until death do you part.) 

I have a passion for making things beautiful--from restoring a fixer upper to tying the perfect bow. I love to get lost...in a car or a good book. And honestly, I can’t think of a single thing that isn’t better with a little bubbly. 

I’ve been a bridesmaid, ahem, a few times. Not quite 27, but you get the gist. 

I help sisters, mothers, nieces, and best friends find flattering, comfortable bridesmaid dresses that fit them, fit their budget, and they can be sure won’t end up an online shopping fail. 

Together, we’ll make sure that picture on your mantel is picture perfect. So let’s get your party started!

We’re located on the 1st floor of the Bristol Renaissance Center in downtown Bristol, Tennessee.

636 Shelby Street Suite 105 Bristol, TN 37620

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